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CRS has 112 sites and counting installed in Southwest, Michigan,
Northern Indiana and Northwest Ohio.

U-Scan Self Checkout

If you're an independent grocer, you know that the service and convenience that you provide your shoppers is crucial to your success. With U-Scan in your front end, your shoppers will always know they can get in - and get out - quickly.
  • The industry's leading self-checkout system - U-Scan has been the #1 system in the grocery industry for many years and has the industry's best track record of grocer and shopper acceptance and success.
  • Shopper service focus for the independent - although selfcheckout will certainly bring the independent grocer and regional chain opportunities for cost reductions, probably the most important factor will be the increases in shopper satisfaction brought on by the better and faster service.
  • Labor Savings - One cashier can do the work of two, three or four, and with the shoppers feeling they were better served.
  • Labor Repositioning - For independents, it may be more important to use those saved labor hours to further increase their shopper service. There are dozens of shopper oriented activities that stores can offer their shoppers, and if you ask a shopper, none of them have anything to do with running the cash register.
  • ROI that's been proved - after years of testing, rollouts and analysis, the typical payback period of 12-14 months has been validated and accepted by the industry.
  • The Shoppers' Choice - U-Scan's software has proved itself easier to learn and use. Try a unit at a competing store, then try U-Scan: no wonder shopper take-up of U-Scan is so high in stores that implement it.
  • The future- U-Scan has made its reputation on having the best, most stable and shopper-friendly software and reliable hardware. The focus up to now has been on maximizing the number of transactions, but the coming U-Scan "MAX" again raises the bar (actually moves it side-to-side) on the industry by bringing out a full-weeks-worthof- groceries unit with automatic dual belts that let the next shopper start while the last one finishes up bagging with no possible confusion. Fantastic.

    Call for details: 1.800.748.0118

U-Scan Self Checkout System gives you a competitive edge.

U-Scan Brochures click below

U-Scan Genesis
U-Scan MAX Single Self-Checkout
U-Scan3 Self-Checkout
U-Scan5 Self-Checkout

FSA and HRA Debit Card Legislation-Impact on POS for Grocery and Drug Retailers

FSA- Flexible Spending Accounts all credit card terminals must be compliant by July 1st of 2010.

    No-Frills Summary

  • Employees in companies with FSA/HRA plans can now access their benefit accounts via debit cards.
  • The cards are legal only for eligible health expenses.
  • But there is no current way to limit use of these debit cards only to stores that sell health-care items or enforce tender for those items only.
  • Controlling these cards will mean big changes in POS, electronic payments and likely back office and hosting systems to itemize and control tenders.
  • The industry specifications are not set, so the full system impact isn't known yet.
  • Impacted grocers must install the changes in 2007.
  • Start planning for upgrades.

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    Magellan 8500 Scanner/Scale

    8500 Scanner/Scale


  • SurroundScan 3D Scanning.
  • FirstStrike advanced decoding software delivers the best performance
    in reading poor quality labels.
  • Flash memory for easy software upgrades in the field.
  • Supports GS1 DataBar™ codes.
  • Renowned Magellan brand quality and reliability

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TeamPoS 3000 XL
Powerful performance for the long run

If you require a high-performance POS terminal that will grow with your retail business, Fujtsu's TeamPoS 3000 XL delivers.

TP3000-StoreNext-ISS45 Software Solutions

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Credit Card Machines 3DES compliant


The innovative, economical multi-lane payment solution.

Whether you're looking for a reliable payment terminal, innovative, value-add technology, or a complete electronic transaction management system, Hypercom can deliver.click here.

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WinEPS- Payment solutions for Retailers

Whether you operate a single local superette or a powerful regional chain, WinEPS with OpenEPS benefits your shoppers and your bottom line in many ways. To visit the website click here.

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Veriphone 870 credit card machine

From today's contactless to tomorrow's biometric upgrades, the MX870's field-replaceable modules allow you to conveniently add functionality and future-proof your investment. Plus, the MX870 leverages the most advanced technology available by incorporating a robust, highly reliable touch screen that supports finger and stylus input. In addition to supporting payments and merchandising, the complete MX800 Series can support programs like loyalty enrollments, price checkers, instant credit, product locators, gift card loading, contracts and more.

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Veriphone 850 credit card machine

VeriFone’s MX850 is designed specifically for these unforgiving multi-lane and point-of-service environments, with a powerful processing engine, an ultra-crisp color display, scratch-resistant touch screen, outstanding durability, and modularity for investment protection—making it the clear choice.

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Veriphone 830 credit card machine

MX830 is the robust payment device multi-lane retailers have waited for-a versatile, durable, economical performer tuned to multi-lane and integrated point-of-service environments

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